30 months World of WordPress!

Author: Ronald Heijnes

Date: June 21, 2019 

Category: News from WoWP

World of WordPress is 30 months old! Two and a half years of importing blog posts from all over the world, in 13 languages.

We started as a Pinterest lookalike, and have grown to a mature portal about all things related to self hosted WordPress. 20 to 40 new posts every day, with the latest on themes, plugin, performance, SEO, design, development and much, much more. Hundreds of specialists all over the world who like to share their knowledge about WordPress.

We also read the feeds of WordPress.org, so everybody can keep up with the latest developments on their favorite piece of software.

What’s new?

In the past year we’ve added a few extras to World of WordPress. Because keeping up to speed with all the news in the world of WordPress is nice, but we like to offer our visitors more. Our goal is to be a great resource for everybody, from amateurs to full stack professionals.

Deals and coupons

First of all we added the deals and coupons section. We try to get our visitors the most interesting offers. With several vendors we have negotiated an interesting discount.

New deals are added regularly and more and more vendors are getting interested to make their appearance in this section. And to offer special deals for World of WordPress visitors. It’s up to you to profit from these deals!

World of WordPress prefers to stay a free service. That is why we use affiliate links where possible, to keep this website running.

Business directory

The business directory is another relatively new addition to World of WordPress. A growing numbers of companies and freelancers have already registered their business. They offer a great variety of products and services all over the world.

Guest posting

We offer a guest posting opportunity for everyone who likes to reach a lot of readers all over the world. Great and unique content has already been published this way.

Job board

Our latest addition is the job board. The interest for this part of World of WordPress hasn’t been overwhelming and we are reconsidering it.

Social media

To spread all news as far as we can, we are present on several social media. We post articles, deals and news on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Flipboard and Instapaper all through the day. This way all content gets more attention, which goes right back to the author when the visitor click through to the original article.

The future

We still have some plans for expanding World of WordPress. One idea is to launch a platform for launching new products. Especially meant for those who are new in the WordPress game and are trying to find an audience for their new product(s).

Also an event calendar would be a nice addition to all the information we gather.

Of course we like to reach as much WordPress enthusiast as possible all over the world. Our goal is to become the Number 1 independent self hosted WordPress resource. Ambitious? Maybe. But we do have a lot of well known names and brands on board, grow every day and there is always room for more.

Do you have ideas about how World of WordPress can grow and/or get better? Please share your thoughts and contact us!