5 Golden Rules For WordPress Site Optimisation

Author: One Dollar Plugin

Date: December 14, 2019 

Category: Plugin development, Security

There are few things more frustrating when browsing the web than a painfully slow website.

We expect pages to load near-instantly, and when they don’t we switch off, or even sometimes forget why we went to that page in the first place.

If that’s an e-commerce site, then you’ve just lost a customer.

It is no small wonder then, that a whole industry exists to improve website performance and squeeze every millisecond out of our sites.

But there are dangers in webiste optimisation, particularly for the non-technical webmaster, but certainly not limited to non-techies.

We have considerable experience in WordPress

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5 Golden Rules For WordPress Site Optimisation 1

5 Golden Rules For WordPress Site Optimisation 2

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