5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Theme for Your Business Website

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Date: June 23, 2020 

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wprssaggregator 5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Theme for Your Business Website

There are plenty of free as well as paid themes for website design available for use. A theme essentially encompasses the overall style and appearance of the website. In particular, it includes the color scheme, the styling elements such as fonts and buttons, and the layout of the key elements. Considering this, it all seems simple and easy when you think of designing your website. All that your website designing company in Delhi needs to remember is that the theme must represent your brand and offer the users something to remember.

When you start the work, you realize how overwhelming it can be to actually pick the right theme from so many options. You need something that can offer an appropriate appearance along with good coding, fast speed, great user experience and is SEO-friendly. To make it easier to choose the right theme, you can use the following points and eliminate the themes that don’t fit in with them.


Till not so long ago, web designs were gaudy and had a lot of fancy features. Flash animation was a part of most websites at one time. This has been replaced now by minimalistic flat designs. Simplicity is also important to make the website friendly for mobile usage and to get the consumer to focus on the all-important call-to-action buttons. 

Ready for Mobile Devices

Given the increased dependency on mobile devices, it is very important for a website to be responsive i.e. it has to be mobile-friendly. This is also essential from the SEO point of view as it is a requirement for Google. If your web designing company in Delhi has to put in extra efforts on a theme to adapt it for a mobile device, it should be scrapped. Choose a theme that is already compatible with mobile devices. 

The adaptiveness should also keep in mind; it has to be able to convert visitors to customers. When you are theme shopping, you will get a chance to test them for compatibility. You must do thorough testing and choose one that passes the adaptability and functionality test.

Compatibility Across Browsers

It is imperative that you test the theme on different browsers and ensure that it is capable of providing the same level of functionality and user experience in all cases. It is important because people use different combinations of operating systems, browsers, and devices. The variety of operating systems and browsers available in the market is wide and the range of devices is even wider. Using certain available tools, you can test the theme across different browsers at once allowing you to choose one that works best for you. You specifically need to run this test if the theme has not been updated in a while.

Availability of Support from the Developer

When you select a theme, you must remember that there will be updates available for that specific platform and you will need to customize your website to fit in with those changes. The theme vendors will provide you with the developer details of the selected theme and the updates from the time of its creation. This information along with customer reviews must be given special attention. A theme with several updates could indicate faulty programming if they are too frequent or a theme made better with each update. The type of updates will be able to give you a clear indication of this. 

Availability of Plugins, Extensions, and Apps

The vendor of the themes should also be able to supply with these as it will require them to customize your website by adding several features to ensure a better user experience. Before finalizing the theme, ensure that a variety of compatible apps, extensions, and plugins are also available to help you in the right development of the theme. 

Explore the store for plugins that you could need to add the desired features on your website. There are many that do not need you to learn to code before you can install them. These help you to install and use them with ease. The easy integration of these plugins with your website makes life simpler.

If you hire a good website designing company in Delhi, your hassles could be reduced as they would be conversant with the requirements, but you must not leave it completely in their hands as their perspective may not be the same as yours. They can guide you in getting you the best website theme as per your requirement, provided you are clear about them.

To summarise, the key to choosing the perfect theme for a website is simplicity, fit with the brand, mobile-readiness, compatibility across browsers, and support from the vendor in terms of updates and required enhancement tools.


toolset logo tag line white 5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Theme for Your Business Website

5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Theme for Your Business Website

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