6 Steps on How to Make a Gaming Website with WordPress


A WordPress gaming website is a site that uses the WordPress platform to display and manage content related to gaming. Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, it’s clear that the industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. You can use this information to your advantage by creating an online community where gamers can come together and share their experiences including PC game news and other gaming-related stuff. 

Use your passion to build an online community

If you’re passionate about video games, there are many reasons why it makes sense for you to create or maintain a website that focuses on this topic. A game-focused site can help users find the best games. If users know what kind of game they want to play and how much time they want to spend playing it (casual or hardcore), then the goal is to help them find the perfect game match. This is where reviews come into play—they provide useful information like length, genre and rating so users can make informed decisions while searching for new games. In addition, a gaming website helps players connect with each other through discussion boards or chat rooms where everyone can talk about their favourite titles together. 

Below are 6 steps to getting started making a gaming WordPress website:

Step 1: Pick an SEO-Friendly Theme

You’ll want to pick a responsive theme that is mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and easy for you to customize. You can also choose a theme that is easy to install.

Responsive themes are also those that work on different devices and screen sizes. The best gaming sites will be responsive because they’re more likely to show up in Google search results if they look good on computers, tablets, and phones. Mobile-friendly websites are also important because many people use their phones or tablets when they play games online. Choose a theme that has been tested with the most popular web browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera) so it won’t look bad on any device someone might be using while playing your games.

Step 2: Add Ebooks, How-To Guides and Videos

Now, let’s talk about what you can add to your site. Once you have your game library set up, it’s time to do some research on what else you can offer.

  • How-to guides 

If a player has questions about a game or is having trouble completing it, they’re going to want an easy way to find answers. You’ll want to create detailed how-to guides with screenshots and step-by-step instructions for solving common problems with the games on your site.

  • Game reviews

Game review sites are extremely popular and one of the most obvious ways for players in search of quality content on the web today. If there are any reviewers who specialize in reviewing games similar to those found on your site, ask them if they would be interested in writing their opinions on their blog and linking back through their social media accounts (this will help optimize SEO). The more reviews there are available from other people out there, the better!

Step 3: Start a Forum For Game Developers

You’ll be able to interact with your community in a way that other online gaming websites can’t by offering support, feedback and suggestions.

You can also use the forum as a place to ask for help from fellow players. This is especially useful if you have a new game idea and need feedback on how it might work out before investing too much time into it.

Step 4: Add a Custom Sidebar for Your Gamers

This is the fourth step in making your website. You’ll want to add a custom sidebar for your gamers. The sidebar is the area on the right side of the page and this is where you can add a custom widget. A widget allows for adding content to your sites such as text, images, social media buttons, lists and more. How about adding a widget that displays information about your site? It is important to choose a theme that has a widget-ready sidebar so that it can be customized by you easily with WordPress plugins or shortcodes (more details below).

Step 5: Add Game Summary Pages

Once you’ve got your first game up and running, you can use its summary page to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This is a good option for gamers who want access to multiple games from one site. You’ll be able to send them updates about new games or special events in the future.

You’ll also need a detailed description of each game on your site. This text should include:

  • A brief explanation of what each game is about
  • How long does it take players to complete the game (if applicable)
  • The number of players required for each round

Step 6: Highlight Players of the Month or Week

You can also highlight the best players in your community by creating an awards section. This is a great way to showcase the most active members and help new people find out who they should follow.

Here are some of the awards you can give:

  • Players of the Month (or Week) – These are players who are consistently active, helpful, creative, dedicated or skilled. You can share these with everyone on social media or just post them on your blog.
  • Player Spotlight – This is one person per month that receives special recognition for their achievements in gaming (and maybe even real-life). They get interviewed and featured on your website as well as other outlets like YouTube or Twitch channels.


As you can see, building a gaming website with WordPress is not only easy but also fun. With these six steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that will have all the right elements needed for success.


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