7 Incredible Tips to Make a WordPress Site User-Friendly

7 Incredible Tips to Make a WordPress Site User-Friendly

Author: Satish

Date: November 17, 2020 

Category: Guestposts

When we talk about the website and its design, the first thing we should consider is its presentation. Presentation of a website is paramount. This is the factor which determines the usability of the website. There are not too many factors to consider the effectiveness of the website but some are so important that I think you just cannot go forward without considering them. In this post, I am explaining incredible tips to make a WordPress site user-friendly.

A user-friendly website is everything a viewer desire. You have less than 5 seconds to make an impression or else the viewer will exit your site and there is less chance that he will come back.

In this post, I am going to provide you 7 astounding and incredibly useful tips that will make your WordPress website user-friendly.

Let’s get started,

Incredible Tips to Make a WordPress Site User-Friendly

1. Make Sure that your Website is Fast

At the beginning, I said that you have 5 seconds to make an impression. This is where the speed of website plays an important role. First, your page load speed must be under 3 seconds or else you might lose half of your viewers. You don’t want that right?

To Make a WordPress Site loading fast, Now, initial five seconds have passed, now your visitor is still on your website. Then he opened another page, and it took its time. These are some of the things which you must avoid. You need to keep it consistent. Here, you need your website to be fast throughout. It includes optimization of images, decluttering of CSS and JS files.

You should also make use of Content Delivery Network if you have a Global crowd (Most of actually have). Keeping your website fast will help the viewer to find whatever piece of information he’s looking for and then returns most of the time.

2. Keep your Navigation Simple

Think this like a viewer. You are navigating a website and looking for some information. Now you cannot find that information in next 10 minutes because you’re simply drifting to a wrong web page because of tricky navigation. Would you stay another minute in that website?

The answer has to be no. No one wants to waste his/her time to surf needlessly through web pages. So, you need to keep your navigation simple, crisp and direct. There should not be any complication in your navigation.

Never riddle your visitor or else he will exit and will never return to your website. Keep your navigation simple, keyword oriented and logical. Don’t be generic in navigation option. Make it little personalized and use the common conventional places to place the navigation bar. This will help you to keep your navigation simple and crisp.

3. Double Check that your Website is Responsive

With the increase in the usage of smartphones, the requirement of an effective website has increased. Smartphones usually are of many screen resolutions. You need to be sure that your website is responsive for all that scaling.

Being responsive is a must whether your website is opened in a smartphone or a tablet. While using a WordPress CMS, you need to be sure that the theme you select is highly responsive or else you need to configure it yourself or by hiring a designer.

Make sure that your website is scaling properly in every type of screen. WordPress dashboard always lets you test your website on a standard resolution of mobile and tablet. You can test it and then publish the site.

4. Make use of White Space in your Website

For this pointer, I would like to say it as give your website some air to breathe. A tempting visual can be a good idea to engage a visitor, but after a while, even he gets bored of it. Providing white space in your website will visually aid your visitors. There is a saying, “Less is More”.

Follow this saying and be generous while providing white space. This keeps your visitors relaxed and interested. For instance, you must have seen the website of Apple INC. So much of white space, it is well strategized and executed as well. Aiding visually your visitor will make your website extremely user-friendly.

5. Make Sure that Your Links are Working

Most of the time this mistake happens on a website. They give an internal or external link to a website and either that link is broken or wrong. This is also a rookie mistake in SEO of a website. Link building is considered to be very crucial when it comes to SEO of a WordPress website.

Efficient link building increases the ranking of your website. If those links are broken then there will be a negative effect on the SEO side and the user-friendly aspect as well. If a user goes to a broken link, that will discourage him to navigate further which is a negative sign. You don’t want that right?

So, make sure that all your links are working properly. You can use any Broken link checker WordPress plugin to ensure the presence of any broken link. Rectify it to make a WordPress site user-friendly for you.

6. Break your Content in Small Parts

Now, after white space. Do you think a long content is easy to read? Sometimes yes, but most of the times no. A long sentence readability considered to be very low. So, since it is not readable then what is the point of including it.

You need to break the long sentences in two. Also, you can build the content with 2-4 line paragraphs only. This gives a very organized look to your content and your content becomes easy to read as well.

7. Add High-Quality Content at Regular Intervals

You must have heard, “Content is King”. Well, That is obviously the case. When we talk about website and promotion of blog or business. Content plays an important role in educating and engaging a visitor. You cannot even think about engaging a visitor without a quality content.

I am not saying that you need to update quality content every hour. However, you need to provide quality and relevant content on regular basis to keep the user busy on your website. Nowadays, even static websites are managing blogs to keep their visitors interested in their website.

So, these are the main tips that will help you to keep your WordPress website incredibly user-friendly.

Let’s give it a quick recap to make sure you get them all,

  • Make sure that your website is fast.
  • Double Check that your website is Responsive.
  • Keep your Navigation Simple.
  • Make Sure that Your Links are Working.
  • Add High-Quality Content at Regular Intervals.
  • Make use of White Space in your Website.
  • Break your Content in small parts.

I hope you like my post about web site’s user-friendly nature. Please share it to help others as well. Till then have a good one.

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