A Small Shift in Focus

Author: WordPress.org

Date: May 25, 2019 

Category: Make WordPress Training

For some time now, the Training Team has been concerned with writing and publishing lesson plans. We currently have approximately 90 of them in GitHub repos (see https://github.com/wptrainingteam). However, the topics are rather random and in various states of completion and accuracy, and we’re not doing a good job of prioritizing our efforts.

What if we shifted our focus from creating individual lesson plans to committing to providing resources and focus for a core set of workshops. We have always had the idea of combining lesson plans into “recipes” for workshops. This shift in focus would have us identifying

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A Small Shift in Focus 1

A Small Shift in Focus 2

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While others try to add more components to their hosting to make it go faster, we decided to build our hosting cloud fast from the ground up. We did so by stripping out everything we knew was deadweight.

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