Barn2 Media YouTube channel

Barn2 Media YouTube channel

Author: Barn2 Plugins

Date: April 1, 2018 

Category: YouTube Channels

Speed Up Ordering with a WooCommerce Popup Cart & Checkout
0:00 Introduction
1:14 Installing the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin
1:43 Plugin Settings
2:54 WooCommerce Fast Cart in operation
3:30 Setting up the Fast Cart and checkout
4:10 Enabling Buy It Now
4:44 Displaying the cart icon and disabling auto-open
5:38 Conclusion and next steps

Learn how to speed up the customer journey with the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin. This easy-to-use plugin transforms user experience in your store by letting customers choose products, review their order and check out - all from one page.

- Get WooCommerce Fast Cart from
- Read a step-by-step setup tutorial at
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