Block-based Themes Meeting Notes — Sept 1

Author: WordPress.org

Date: September 1, 2021 

Category: Make WordPress Themes

When: September 1st, 2021

Where: #themereview

For the full conversation, here is a link to where the slack discussion starts.

Gutenberg + Themes Updates

We spent most of the meeting discussing two recent features particularly relevant to block themes:

1. Flex layout support: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/33359

For now, flex layouts can only be defined via theme (templates and some layout options in theme.json), there is no UI for setting a flex layout on a group block / container yet.

2. Adding a “gap” spacing around blocks globally: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/33812

A follow-on PR related to setting margins for first direct descents (:first-child) was raised: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/34441There

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