CSS Chat Summary: 21st May…

CSS Chat Summary: 21st May…

Author: WordPress.org

Date: May 22, 2020 

Category: Make WordPress Core

Full meeting transcript on Slack: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/CQ7V4966Q/p1590094908056800

I (@notlaura) facilitated the meeting.

CSS audit updates

@isabel_brison had a couple of questions, and we clarified some items mentioned in the report outline:

For “List of unique values for each of a list of properties, and number of occurrences:” we discussed that margins, padding, top/left/bottom/right, transforms, and typography related properties would be useful for standardizing our units of measurement. @ryelle‘s audit tool would certainly be useful for that.

The other question was to do with the item “Units: instances of px/em/rem/%age and count of use with properties”. We discussed that that should be

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