WP Project Manager is a powerful Project Management Plugin

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Start Efficient Team Collaboration With Web Based Project Tracking Tool

WP Project Manager is a powerful Project Management Plugin for WordPress to manage teamwork and deliver projects timely.

Best Used For:

Web-based Task Tracking

Keep your team work organized with to-do lists, milestones, tracking and advanced task management tools.

Team Collaboration

Discuss, share and efficiently work together with your team to deliver time sensitive results.

Advanced Reporting

Track across projects in multiple methods and plan ahead with your team, take the next big leap in performance.

Vendor description:

weDevs initially started out as a Blog in December 2008. Back then we were developing WordPress plugins, writing development tutorials and custom PHP related articles and more from a sub-domain. After gathering several years of experience and recognition, in May 2012, our company relaunched itself as a small web development startup with a renewed confidence and larger visions. We worked on and created custom PHP applications, WordPress plugins, and themes. We had both Free and Premium versions of all our solutions. Fortunately, our products kicked off! Now in 2019, we dream bigger than ever. We have grown to a family of 60+ members who create and nurture top quality products every month. A dedicated support team assists the users and takes care of their troubles. We also perform community works to develop the market talents and participate in different international events whenever possible.

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