Dev chat agenda, June 22, 2022

Dev chat agenda, June 22, 2022

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Date: June 21, 2022 

Category: Make WordPress Core

The weekly meeting of the developers chat will be held in the core Slack at 20:00 UTC.

1. Announcements

Gutenberg 13.5 lands Wednesday afternoon!

2. Blog posts of note

A Week in Core, from @audrasjb

@matveb‘s post on the Admin experience

What’s new in Gutenberg 13.5? (link to come, since the plugin lands Wednesday at about dev chat time)

Discussion: on disallow assignments in conditions and remove the Yoda condition requirement for PHP. This discussion started on the WordPress Coding Standards (WPCS) repo.

A roadmap to 6.1, also from @matveb

And a YouTube show on FSE and themes.

3. Upcoming releases

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