Dev Chat Summary: June 22, 2022

Dev Chat Summary: June 22, 2022

Author: WordPress.org

Date: June 22, 2022 

Category: Make WordPress Core

@marybaum led the weekly meeting at 20:00 UTC. Here is the meeting agenda.

Link to 20:00 UTC <dev-chat> in #core on Making WordPress Slack (bonus link to the new contributor chat at 19:00 UTC)

Notable News Folks Need Feedback! Release Updates WordPress 6.1WordPress 6.0.1Component Updates Build/Test Tools Quite a few unit tests for image functions were modernized per the current best practices. #55652Xdebug modes are now configured in the local Docker environment. #56022Changes to the code coverage workflow can now run on pull requests to be verified before being committed. #55652

Components that Checked in with “No Update”: Date/Time, General, I18N, Menu, Widgets, Bulk

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