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Developments and Customizations for Training and Learn Website



This post will document updates regarding the detailed information on developments & customizations for training website and learn website.

Project DRIs

Project Lead

Amit Patel@amitpatelmd

Project Member

Karthick M@karthickmurugan

Project Member

Sagar Ladani@sagarladani

Project Member

Mayur Baroliya@baroliyamayur

Project Member

Askary Abbas@askaryabbas

Project Member

Piyush Astana@piyushmultidots

(Others are welcome to join in on the efforts, too! Let us know if you’re interested )

Project Timeline

Will be posted shortly…

Project Details 1. Custom Gutenberg block development Proposing custom Gutenberg blocks for meeting recap notes, faculty meetings, onboarding posts, etc. This will help to speed up adding/editing the content part. The idea

This is the first part of the article

Developments and Customizations for Training and Learn Website

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