Envision, believe and obtain — meet author Gabe Smith

Author: GoDaddy Garage

Date: January 15, 2020 

Category: Business, Tips and tricks

Few of us have had to overcome adversity like Gabe Smith. Growing up in Washington DC, Gabe had to claw his way out of misfortune — and that’s exactly what he did. “I was homeless,” he recalls, “but I envisioned how I wanted my life to be and I started to believe that, you know, I’m gonna obtain that.”

He channeled the hard-earned wisdom gained from living on the streets into a book, The Definition, that, as he puts it, “shows you how I freed myself from the chains of chaos in three steps: envision, believe, and obtain.” Nowadays, he’s


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Envision, believe and obtain — meet author Gabe Smith 1

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