Episode 120 – Shannon Shaffer

Author: Hallway Chats

Date: January 16, 2020 

Category: Podcasts

Introducing Shannon Shaffer

Shannon is a mom, travel enthusiast, book lover, and doer of WordPress stuff. A self-proclaimed geek, Shannon owns Purple Finch studios, a small digital agency located in Pennsylvania.

Show Notes

Website | Purple Finch Studios
Instagram | ShannonTShaffer
Twitter | @shannontshaffer
Preferred Pronouns | She/Her

Episode Transcript

Tara: This is Hallway Chats, where we meet people who use WordPress.

Liam: We ask questions and our guests share their stories, ideas, and perspectives.

Tara: And now the conversation begins. This is Episode 120.

Tara: Welcome to Hallway Chats. I’m Tara Claeys.

Liam: And I’m Liam Dempsey. Today


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Episode 120 – Shannon Shaffer 1

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