Episode 163 – A Chat With Tom Finley



Show Notes

Silence Commentary, from Cassandra Decker

Tom’s Socials:https://twitter.com/tomfinleyhttps://wptoots.social/@tomfinley

Websites / Projects:https://prufcreative.comhttps://tomfinley.cohttps://dcbeer.com

Episode Transcript

Topher: Hey, everyone. My name is Topher.  

Nyasha: And my name is Nyasha.

Topher: And this is Hallway Chats. Before we get going, we want to thank our sponsors at Nexcess, a Liquid Web brand. They have some new tools for ECommerce that really make them stand out from other options. WooCommerce automated testing, sales performance monitor, and plug-in performance monitor give you the data you need to stay powerful and profitable. And they’re free with every Nexcess plan.

Okay, our guest today is

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Episode 163 – A Chat With Tom Finley