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B2B Plugins for WooCommerce  


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February 28, 2020 12:49 pm  

eCommerce owners are willing to try Woocommerce as a B2B platform because it’s easier to customize and cheaper than Shopify and Magento.

So, this post is about assisting eCommerce owners and developers with choosing the best B2B plugins.

I have found these 3 plugins on WooCommerce Marketplace for enabling B2B Functionalities to Woocommerce Store ( will keep updating if I found more)

For Managing Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale For WooCommerce - WooCommerce

This Extension gives you the ability to display wholesale pricing for specific users like vendors, retailers, and distributors.

For Handling Quotes (RFQ)

B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce - WooCommerce

It offers complete RFQ Management Solution like Quote collection, Price negotiation, price variations for specific users.

For Buyers Account Management

Roles & Permissions for WooCommerce - WooCommerce

This plugin offers the unique and useful functionality of buyers' account creation and management.

So, what are your suggestions/reviews about these plugins and please do mention other B2B plugins in comments

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