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March 1, 2020 3:30 am  

One of our main tools, that we are using for managing all of our WordPress installations, is the WP-CLI Tool. Not only to manage WordPress websites, we are using the tool to create awesome other smaller tools in our servers, that will make our life easier.

WP-CLI Tool --> You can find it right over here is a command line tool, special developed for WordPress (self hosted) websites. If the word "command line" is a bit unknown for you, don't worry, is more easy that sounds, and the WordPress community has created an excellent Documentation, how to install it, what commands you will need and other awesome staff that easily you can do.

WP-CLI v2.4.0 was just released, and it is the right time in case that you don't know the tool, to start playing with it.

Fortunately, we provide testing servers, with WP-CLI access, where you can migrate, and test your new, or old website and play with the tool. Don't hesitate to contact us and ask for access -->You can contact us here we can solve any question you may have about WP-CLI in general!

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