GoDaddy combats coronavirus-related fraud and abuse

Author: GoDaddy Garage

Date: March 26, 2020 

Category: Business, Tips and tricks

GoDaddy is committed to protecting our customers and internet users everywhere during the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic by combatting COVID-19 related fraud, scams and abuse on our platform.

Sadly, throughout our more than 20-year history, we have seen bad actors seek to profit off of natural disasters and other tragedies. As a result, we have developed robust procedures and resources to protect consumers.

GoDaddy has teams dedicated to investigating every abuse complaint the company receives. We do not tolerate abuse on our platform and our Universal Terms of Service (UTOS) gives us broad discretion to act on complaints, and this

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GoDaddy combats coronavirus-related fraud and abuse 1

GoDaddy combats coronavirus-related fraud and abuse 2

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