Gravity Wiz Weekly #116

Gravity Wiz Weekly #116

Author: Gravity Wiz

Date: August 25, 2021 

Category: Plugin development, Tutorials, Webdesign

Greetings, wizards!

Another week, another wand. We’re burning through these things fast! And it’s no wonder. We’ve been working with a dragon’s fervor on a new perk…

Introducing: Gravity Forms Inventory. 

One Inventory management plugin to rule them all.

First, there was Better Inventory – a handy snippet for simple inventory needs. Our fellow wizards spoke to us, providing invaluable feedback – and we listened. 

Today, we’re excited to give you beta access to Gravity Forms Inventory: an easy-to-use, flexible inventory management plugin so robust, you wouldn’t believe it was conjured by mere mortals.

Instead of asking “What can you

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