Gravity Wiz Weekly #85

Gravity Wiz Weekly #85

Author: Gravity Wiz

Date: February 3, 2020 

Category: Plugin development, Tutorials, Webdesign


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Holy moly, wizards. Our tower has become quite the content factory! And we’re not even close to peak production. Hope you’re ready for all this magically-enhanced content. 😄

Speaking of magical enhancements, we’re hiring again! We’re looking for a support-focused developer who enjoys casting powerful bug-squashing spells and writing potent unit and acceptance tests to make sure their spells stick. Read the full posting here.

We’ve made some tasty improvements do Populate Anything this week and be sure to check out the plethora of new and updated resources. You will surely find something useful to you on your Gravity Forms

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toolset logo tag line white Gravity Wiz Weekly #85

Gravity Wiz Weekly #85

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