Gravity Wiz Weekly #98

Gravity Wiz Weekly #98

Author: Gravity Wiz

Date: September 29, 2020 

Category: Plugin development, Tutorials, Webdesign

Greetings, wizards. 🙂

Lots to share this week so let’s jump right in!

The Guide to Gravity

Gravity Forms has an awesome ecosystem of talented developers producing high-quality, well-supported add-ons. Gravity.Guide is a new resource from the makers of GravityView with a focus on teaching you how to combine these different add-ons to achieve great things.

Check out this course where instructor Michelle Hayes shows you how to use our Populate Anything perk to conditionally show information based on the domain name of the user’s email address.

Expect to see more guides in the Gravity Perks category soon!

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Gravity Wiz Weekly #98

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