10 Best Plugins to Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress

Author: Hazel Audrin

Date: June 17, 2021 

Category: Guestposts, Reviews

There are many plugins for Facebook. Some provide good functionality, while others provide only superficial customization.

Below I will explain in detail the 10 Best Plugins to Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress.

Reasons to use Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress

  • Most of the plugins for Facebook are designed for mobile users. This feature makes it easier to share your content on Facebook.
  • It helps you get fans on your blog site or the web page without having to spend a lot of money on advertising.
  • You can save time on your bandwidth usage and also add some cool effects to your website. When your visitors interact with your website through Facebook, they see a page with all the latest information from your site.
  • Embedding your Facebook feed on your blog or WordPress website is a great way to promote them and keep your followers engaged.
  • An Embedded Facebook feed allows you to share content or comments directly on Facebook without leaving your website.

The 10 Best Plugins to Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress


  1. Facebook Feed

The Facebook Feed is one powerful widget that contains four essential plugins in one. The team of No 1 ghostwriting services agency that it is one of the all-inclusive WordPress plugins that you can download in your WordPress. Through this plugin, you can connect your Facebook feed, share your gallery, display your videos, and organize your event calendar for upcoming events.

Apart from the social media benefits, you can also enjoy the benefits such as:

  • This widget is made to fit every screen
  • It is mobile-optimized and responsive
  • People can like your content
  • It is supported by visual composers


  1. Top Social Stories 

Top social stories help you connect more than the Facebook feed. Through this widget, you can keep track of social media engagements and interactions online. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or more. You can interact with your viewers.

Some other features of this plugin include:

  • You can share your status stories
  • Transfer and store the data
  • Create custom posts
  • Showcase your top achievements on social media.


  1. Custom Facebook Feed (Free and Premium) by smash balloon

The custom Facebook feed plugin allows you to directly display a timeline of posts from Facebook on any location of your WordPress website. Display posts from specific users, groups, pages, and even liked the content in one place for all visitors to see.

  • You will have the power to display your Facebook Feed on any page/post or in any widget area. (Including the new Facebook Timeline)
  • Your Facebook content can be shown on your website exactly how it appears on Facebook,
  • It is displayed in a condensed way that makes it useful for navigation.


  1. Facebook SpiderLink (Premium)

Facebook Spider link by the Ninja team is a premium plugin. It is made for all types of clients. No matter if you are an ecommerce seller, blogger, content strategist, or business person. You can display your Facebook feed on your WordPress without any hindrances. It gives you tons of options, such as:

  • You can display your Facebook timeline and its feed with pictures.
  • Your visuals can also include audio and video
  • Lets you show high definition pictures
  • You can export the data into CSV
  • It is easily integrated with MailChimp (MailChimp is an email marketing tool)


  1. FBomatic (Premium)

FBomatic is a plugin that runs on WordPress. It allows you to retrieve your Facebook status, photos, and more using Facebook’s API with a simple short code.

Installing FBomatic is as easy as clicking the activate link in the message that we'll send to your inbox. Once activated and configured, Facebook posts can be made from any standard WordPress area. The goal of FBomatic is to provide a very simple way for bloggers, journalists, and everyday users to easily add stories to their blog from their Facebook Wall.

  • User friendly.
  • FBomatic is a plugin designed to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ media
  • Helps you share all type of media on your WordPress blog with the minimum of effort.


  1. Facebook Widget (Free) by Milap Patel

The objective of this plugin is to make WordPress more social. This plugin is a collection of several social integration plugins. This allows you to post on your wall, upload photos to Facebook, and get the comments back into WordPress without any headaches!

  • Your visitors will be able to post messages, pictures, links, and more directly from your website.
  • This is great for car dealerships that want to integrate social networking into their business or for people who want a simple way to show their recent photos and statuses.
  • This plugin fully integrates with the WP Facebook API, including authentication permissions.


  1. Facebook Recent Comments Widget

The Facebook Recent Comments Widget is a simple Facebook status/comment listing widget that allows you to display the most recent comments on your website. It allows you to allow visitors to leave comments and also lets you view the list of people that like your page.

  • Results will be displayed in real-time as comments are published.
  • Easy for people to chat and interact with your site's visitors, making it a great tool for more interesting, dynamic blogs.


  1. Social Stream for WordPress with Carousel

It is a powerful Facebook plugin for WordPress with an auto-carousel for recent comments. Shows visitors the latest and best comments on your website to increase engagement, encourage social sharing, and keep visitors on your page longer.

  • Automatically pull your recent Facebook comments from the default stream and display them on your website.
  • easy image/video carousel


  1. Facebook Auto Publish by XyzScripts.com

Facebook Auto Publish is fully automated. It means that it will automatically post your website's new posts as Comments to the Facebook pages which you specify for each specific post. What's more, you can configure it to filter out spam, non-English, and other undesirable comments before posting them to Facebook.

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to navigate
  • Headache free tool


  1. Social Snap

Social Snap is the most social and easiest plugin to display your Facebook Feed on any theme with only a few mouse clicks.

  • The Social Snap plugin for WordPress is also SEO friendly, so you will get Google indexed Facebook posts automatically.
  • If you are tired of looking for a good, free way to embed your Facebook feed on your website
  • The plugin allows you to manage multiple Facebook accounts and choose from different layouts based on your needs