Twitter Widget: What Is It And How To Use It?

Twitter Widget: What Is It And How To Use It?

Author: BradFord

Date: March 4, 2021 

Category: Guestposts

You can now display Twitter feeds and posts on your website with the help of tools called Twitter Widget. These tools are specially designed to aggregate Twitter feeds using hashtags, handles, and mentions. 

As Twitter consists of the most active social media users among all other channels, it is a huge source of user-generated content which might add trustworthy and authentic content to your marketing campaign. 

Many brands strategize to include Twitter as their marketing tool and promote their business across the channel. 

But how about when you engage your audience who are not your followers on Twitter and get to know about your social presence while visiting your website?

Fascinating right!! You can do so by embedding Twitter feeds on your website and engage your visitors with social content directly on your website. 

But how will you do that? Here comes the Twitter feed Widget role; with that help, you can embed Twitter feeds on your website easily and effortlessly. 

Let’s learn about what Twitter Widget is, how you can use it, and what benefits you can avail of embedding live Twitter feeds on your website. 

What Is Twitter Widget?

In simple words, Twitter Widget is a tool that gathers images, videos, tweets, and any other type of content from Twitter automatically with the help of hashtags, keywords, username, favorite tweets, etc. 

Twitter Widgets are intelligible tools that automatically collect all relatable Twitter feeds with the keyword, hashtag, or username together on your screen. 

Twitter Feed Widget allows you to customize and display Twitter feeds on the website in beautiful designs and themes that go with your website's layout. 

Best Twitter Widget Tools For Your Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a social media aggregation tool offering you efficacy to curate, customize, and display Twitter feeds on your website. 

It is a comprehensive tool that allows you to easily create Twitter Widget for your website without much technical expertise. 

Taggbox Widget offers you various features and functionalities like customization, moderation, profanity filter, custom CSS, API access, custom posts, etc., so that you can display Twitter Widget with a higher ROI.


Elfsight is again a popular Twitter feed Widget tool to embed and represent Twitter walls on the website in the best possible way. 

It offers you a highly customizable and responsive Twitter widget. You can use your audience engagement and take them to your Twitter profile while they are interacting with your website. 

How To Use Twitter Widget?

Most of the Twitter feed widget tools are easy and simple to use without much requirement of technicalities. 

You can choose any of the Twitter widget tools available online. Start with creating your account and select a hashtag, handle, or mention you want to collect feeds. 

But remember, you can collect one Twitter feed at a time. 

Once you collect Twitter feeds, you can customize them into beautiful themes, styles and add banners so that they look attractive, enticing, and engaging to your website visitors. 

Also, with moderation features, you can remove posts or tweets that are not relevant or contain inappropriate content damaging your website's rapport. 

Benefits of Using Twitter Widget On Your Website

Lower Bounce Rate

Twitter feeds dramatically enhance your website's visual appeal, which is proven to grab the attention of website visitors. 

People like to scroll social galleries and engage with the social content instead of brand created content. 

Displaying the Twitter feed gallery on your website entices visitors and keeps them scrolling your Twitter feeds on the website.    

Build Affinity

Twitter feeds work as the social proof of your website or brand. Your audience will come to know your business social presence and understand you better, which is not possible with professionally created content. 

Twitter feed widget is helpful in building the trust and credibility of your website with live Twitter feeds from hashtag campaigns or mentions tweets by your customers.  

Cost & Time Effective

Most of the Twitter widgets are cost-effective; you can even create and customize these Twitter feeds for free and embed them on your website for free. 

The Twitter post widget will also save your time by automatically collecting all relevant Twitter feeds at a time and removing your hassle to manually update your website. 

Enhance User Experience

Creatively designed images, videos, infographics, and a combination of these media will add-up to the user experience. 

Embedding Twitter Widget enhances user experience and offers them new content that they can use to engage and explore on your website. 

User experience is the most prominent aspect of a healthy website, and search engines also prefer sites that offer the best user experience on top of search results. 

Wrapping Up!

Now you have learned about a Twitter widget and how you can use it on your website for maximum benefits and return on investment. 

Many websites are embedding Twitter feeds on their website to enhance their audience engagement and leverage their experience on the website with unique and trustworthy content. 

So what are you waiting for? Start with choosing the best Twitter aggregator for your website and build your own Twitter widget with alluring attributes.