Ways to Optimize a WordPress blog for the Pinterest platform

Author: Daljeet Singh

Date: July 6, 2021 

Category: Guestposts, Tips and tricks

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform and CMS available in the market. This open-source platform comes in a freemium version for its users and is well known for powering a majority of websites on the web. With the help of WordPress, merchants can easily access a number of resources for setting up their website from the scratch. For example, merchants can access thousands of free and prepaid themes from WordPress and other theme marketplaces such as Themeforest. Also, merchants can use third-party plugins as well to extend their website’s functionality.


However, creating a WordPress website with the help of a WordPress development company is merely not enough for merchants to access higher profits and sales. To achieve the required ambitions, merchants must embrace a variety of marketing channels to boost their blogs and content. This will not only increase their visibility but it will also help them in improvising their brand image as well. With this article today, we will discuss ways through which merchants can easily increase traffic through their Pinterest accounts. But before we dive into that, let us first understand basic concepts about Pinterest.

Pinterest and its importance

Pinterest is basically a graphic first information-sharing platform for individuals. This enables individuals to save relevant information about the topics they are interested in and share it across their social circles. And for content creators and website owners, this platform provides the opportunity to share vision and ideas through the graphic content to their target audience efficiently. For this, merchants can hire WordPress developer capable of indulging with interactive graphics for Pinterest to improve their visibility. In the long run, Pinterest can aid merchants in drawing more traffic to their website and improve their visibility as well. 

Tips for WordPress blog optimization for Pinterest

WordPress is an amazing platform to create content. However, from the above discussion, it is quite clear that without the help of content sharing platforms such as Pinterest it is impossible for merchants to generate proper traffic and visibility for their website. So learning the right ways of content sharing through Pinterest is a must for every WordPress website owner. As it can open up the gateways for better outreach and profits for merchants with ease. Below is a detailed list of tips for WordPress blog optimization for Pinterest.


  1. Pinterest is a platform that puts the graphics at the forefront. So to survive in Pinterest and ace this platform it is crucial for merchants to summarize their website’s content in an interactive graphical format.  This Pinterest graphic should focus on the blog’s USP and it should also gently remind users to save the pin. The more saves a post gets in Pinterest the more it rises up into the popularity curve. 
  2. Although Pinterest is a graphic first platform using the content part wisely can also aid merchants in catching the viewer’s eye and in keeping them hooked to the content for a longer duration of time. For making the best out of Pinterest descriptions, merchants must write catchy descriptions within 500 characters and use the relevant hashtags for their posts
  3. Connecting Pinterest with your WordPress blogs is also crucial for merchants to achieve higher profits and sales. For this, put your pinnable image of Pinterest to your blog and link your Pinterest images properly to the relevant blogs as well to improve the content accessibility and increase the website traffic.


Pinterest is an amazing platform that can easily aid merchants in improving their website traffic efficiently. So, adapt to the above-mentioned tips and tricks for the Pinterest platform today to improve visibility and brand awareness.