Gutenberg + Themes Weekly Updates

Gutenberg + Themes Weekly Updates


Date: October 23, 2020 

Category: Make WordPress Themes

Hello! This is the 24th weekly roundup of theme-related discussions, fixes, and developments in Gutenberg. It was relatively quiet due to the focus on testing and improvements for 5.6.

Please weigh in on the tickets below — your voice and feedback are welcome! 

In progress / Discussions: FSE: Rethink how template parts work. 26392Query Block: expose initial templates as block variations. 26378Full-site editor: Add “convert to template part” flow. 20445Full-site editor: Add RTL support for navigation. 26334Full-site editor: Add Dropdown to Create Generic Templates (Experiment). 26284Editor: Try a wider vanilla / default column width. 26357Merged: Twenty Twenty-One Blocks was started in