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How To Add A Logo In WordPress: The Complete Guide


A logo is a representation of a business, and every business has a unique logo that represents it. This would be one of the first few tasks you need to perform to create your website. A logo would help your customers recognize you and build trust in your business. Adding a logo to a WordPress website might sound simple, but there are more than one ways to do it.

If you don’t have your logo yet, you can create it using one of many free tools available on the internet. Quite famous, and one of the best such tools is Canva. It consists of easy-to-use designs. It is super-easy to use, and yes no coding here either. Canva comes with hundreds of logo templates. And once you’ve chosen a template, you can customize it to fit your brand. While you are creating a logo, you should keep in mind the following things:

WordPress accepts JPEG, JPG, or PNG formats, so make sure you use one of the three. You can use PNG for graphics with transparent backgrounds. Do not add a lot of text to your logo. This is because logos are usually at the header and might be small, and not everyone can read a small text.

Here are some other free graphic programs for you to create your logo:

  1. Inkscape
  2. Krita
  3. GNU Image Manipulation Program

Now that you’ve gotten a logo let’s see how to add it to your WordPress website.

Adding Logo To A WordPress Website:

To add a logo to your WordPress website, you don’t have to use any codes. You can do it with clicks and drops, just like how you did with your website. When it comes to adding a logo, WordPress themes come with pre-structured templates and themes. These are blueprints of where things should go on your website. You can use them easily, and all you have to do is drag and drop your content in the designated boxes and areas.

Follow the given steps to add a logo to your WordPress website.

1: Log in to your WordPress account or website.
2: In the left-hand-side menu, click Appearance. You will see some options to customize your website’s appearance.
3: Click “Customize.” This will take you to a screen to customize your website.
4: Select “Site Identity” and then “Select logo.”
5: Select and upload your logo by clicking Upload File and then following the prompts.
6: A prompt will ask you if you want to crop the image or not. You can skip this option or use it.
7: Save the changes, and the logo will be added to your header.
8: Click publish on the customizer screen, and you are good to go!


Now that you know how to create and add a logo to your WordPress website, you will be able to create an excellent website for your business and help it flourish. If you found this article helpful and want to check some theme ideas for your website, check Responsive WordPress Themes. We also offer WordPress Theme Bundle which includes 56+ Responsive Themes @99.


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