How to Embed Files in WordPress Sites | A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Embed Files in WordPress Sites | A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Emily

Date: June 29, 2020 

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Embedding files in WordPress posts is a common phenomenon used in displaying specific content to the target audience. This action makes it possible for the visitors to not only read but also download and print the information depending on their needs. Some of the files that can be embedded are PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, audio, and video files.

Embedding files in WordPress can be tasking if one lacks the necessary steps to embed the files in question. For instance, excel can be read in programming languages, but without being embedded in the respective sites, they cannot be accessed by the visitors. Given this, methods used to embed and their respective styles are elaborated below. They are incorporated in the WordPress development. There are two methods used in uploading and embedding different files in WordPress, and they include the application of WordPress plugin and Google drive.

Steps to follow when embedding files in WordPress using a WordPress plugin

Step 1: Installation of file embedder in WordPress

At this point, the WordPress dashboard is opened, after which the plugins option is selected. After selecting the option, the “Add New” option is clicked. Depending on the type of file to be embedded, search for its embedder in the plugin search. After retrieving it, it is installed and then activated for use.

Step 2: Configure the File Embedder’s Settings

Here, the settings are set in line with the file requirements. For instance, if the file is a PDF document, it can be reset by clicking on the Settings icon and then PDF embedder in the WordPress Dashboard. In this case, the different settings are highlighted, and the user selects and customizes them to be in line with the site in question. Elements like the height, width, toolbar location, and toolbar hover are adjusted. The settings are then saved by clicking on “save the changes” icon.

Step 3: Upload and then Embed the File

This is the final step of the embedding process. For example, if the file in question is a PDF, a PDF embedder will be crucial. The page where the file is to be uploaded is opened, after which “Add Media” is clicked. The action opens the media library with the option of “Upload files.”

Under this option, there are two commands, either of which should be followed, and they include; “select files” and “Drop files to upload.” By choosing “select files,” a list of files in the computer will be highlighted, after which the required one is clicked on.

Once the selection is made, the embedding action should be completed by clicking on “insert into post.” The action will automatically generate a shortcode for the embedded file. To confirm that it is the required document, you should preview the post before publishing it. You can embed Excel files in WordPress using these steps.

Steps to Follow When Embedding Files in WordPress Using a Google Drive

Step 1: Upload File in Google Drive

Here, the users log in or create new Google drive accounts. After that, using the menu on the left side, the required file is selected by clicking on “New” then “File upload” options.

Step 2: Create a Shareable Link and Configure the Required Settings

Here, the uploaded file is clicked on to create a new menu on the right-hand corner. After this action, a new window is selected. From the open file, three dots appear, and they should be clicked on to create a shareable link. In this case, the embedder can enable or disable printing and downloading actions by clicking on the “advanced” setting.

After the configuration of the settings, the “done” option is clicked to save the changes. If the advanced settings are ignored, the users can access the information. In case the files are in excel form, it is crucial to learn about using C# to read an excel file from the sites in question

Step 3: Copy and Embed HTML

In this step, the three dots are clicked to reveal ‘Embed item.’ The HTML code is shown and hence should be copied to be included in WordPress. To go back to the content, one should switch back to the text to display the text where the code is to be included.

Final Thoughts

These two methods are helpful in the embedding process. They can help in further interacting with the site visitors. Thus, depending on the ease of use, either of them can be applied in this process.

How to Embed Files in WordPress Sites | A Step-by-Step Guide

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