Jackmail’s journey at the WordCamp Europe 2017

Author: JackMail

Date: June 11, 2018 

Category: Plugin development

We had announced we would be coming to the main European Event as exhibitors, so here is our review about our first WordCamp Europe! 

The WordCamp Europe was held in Paris this year. It’s about a thousand of WordPress fans who gather to share and engage with what is currently one of the biggest open source projects.

Jackmail’s journey at the WordCamp Europe 2017 1

Every speaker stands in front of a big audience.

This WordCamp was in fact a huge opportunity for Jackmail to unleash its power among an international audience 🙂 And to be honest, we were surprised to see so many different countries represented.

Luckily, our first WordCamp as a sponsor was so close to our HQ that we just had to take the train for a one-hour ride. Next year, we’ll take the plane to Serbia 🙂

Jackmail’s journey at the WordCamp Europe 2017 2

I don’t remember what we were talking about, but it seems to be funny.


Here at Jackmail, we take benefit of our users’ opinions to improve our plugin. So, chatting with so many people from different countries with different ways of thinking, helps a lot. We asked them to provide their opinion about our plugin and how to improve it. We didn’t expect to receive all these nice messages. Proving hard work does always pay.

We tried to attend each side-event held in Paris : Sponsors’ dinners, GoDaddy’s party and the amazing after party at le Pavillon d’Armenonville.

Since we’re quite new in the WordPress sphere, it was also a chance to meet new people and make new friends in the WP community. We met lots of people indeed and had fun times with them whether they were exhibitors, volunteers or the nice guys we meet at our booth.

Speaking of our booth, we met so many people interested in our plugin! Amazing! We’ve been interviewed by GoDaddy, Jakson.co and WP Normandie. (soon to be seen ).

We’ve made our own video, you can see it above (or here) .

Next year, WordCamp Europe will be hosted in Belgrade, Serbia. So, see you next year!

Photo credits : Olivier Gobet / Okmar

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Jackmail’s journey at the WordCamp Europe 2017 3

Jackmail’s journey at the WordCamp Europe 2017 4

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