Kick-off WordPress 6.1 release docs

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Date: August 10, 2022 

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Thank you for participating in the kick-off meeting for the WordPress 6.1 release documentation team: @milana_cap, @femkreations, @mburridge, @bph (facilitator and notetaker). @webcommsat participated asynchronously and added input from the video. 

The meeting was recorded and is available on YouTube.

TL;DR: Follow the progress Project 6.1 DocumentationGutenberg Dev Note tracking issueLinks to relevant information. Handbook: Releasing Major VersionsHandbook: Writing Dev NotesHandbook: Publishing a Field GuideSchedule: WordPress 6.1 Development CycleNext Steps and process for 6.1 Triage Phase

DevNotes and Developer Documentation

Add ‘Needs Dev Note’ label to tickets in milestones, and Gutenberg plugin releasesTrac tickets ‘needs-dev-note’ Triage Trac tickets – Milana

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