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athemeart was started off by releasing free WordPress themes on We had some early success with themes, so we decided to keep releasing themes and see where it took us. In August 2017 we released our first free WordPress theme, BC Business Consulting, which did well enough for us to want to pursue this model further.

We (AThemeArt) launched our company in June 2017 as a small web development startup with a renewed confidence and larger vision. We are an investor who is constantly making WordPress suitable for solving any kind of business problem. We worked our way through many difficult challenges and established ourselves as the best Premium WordPress product company. Now, aThemeArt has many amazing products including ShopStore, BC Business Consulting, Business Consultant Finder which is free and premium WordPress themes. With ShopStore theme we have more than four (8,000+) thousand plus active installation and have been downloaded in the vastness. Alongside this, we also have free WordPress themes, Premium WordPress theme, Premium upgrade version & Premium WordPress plugins.

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