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in 2000 I graduated from high school and I had no idea how to live. I went to Italy for a few years. Although I have always been fascinated by computers and modern technologies, during my stay in Italy, I hardly ever had anything to do with them. I got to know Italian well and learned how to cook, which is my passion to this day. When I came back to Poland after such a long break Internet technologies have developed a lot. Discovering everything again completely absorbed me.The passion returned with double strength.
I remember that when I discovered the WordPress word, I could not understand for a long time what it was all about, why I was really puzzled by my discovery. I spent many nights at the computer learning what wordpress is.I worked as a graphic designer for several years. in 2008 I dared to accept the first order to create a website in wordpress for a company – roadside assistance. I certainly did not earn on this assignment, but this first experience has brought me great satisfaction.The next event that made WordPress even closer to me was the first WordCamp I went to Wroclaw.It was really an event that I will not forget, I met a lot of people just as fascinated as me. Practically on the second day of the event I went directly to the middle party, I only managed to take a quick shower 🙂 To this day, I keep in touch with many people whom I had the pleasure to meet. Today I work full-time as a freelancer and usually carry out assignments related to websites in WordPress. To this day, WordPress is also my passion

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