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WordPress and its associated plugins require frequent changes and updates. Many businesses build a brand new WordPress-powered website, but then forget, or neglect to install, the plugin and WordPress updates as these updates are released.

Most of the updates in the WordPress ecosystem address security-related issues.  So when software updates aren’t installed, a business’s WordPress site becomes a ripe target for hackers looking for their next victim.

A hacker can gain access to a WordPress website through these out-of-date plugins and use your site for their gain. A compromised WordPress website can also lead to lower SEO rankings and even cause the site to be delisted from search engines entirely.

Today’s modern website also needs to convey current and accurate information. Businesses often lack the time or expertise to make content updates to their website. Inaccurate or outdated information may negatively affect search engine rankings, misdirect customers, or even cause the loss of business.

We here at Edison Avenue Consulting understand how vital it is for a business to keep their WordPress website current.  That’s why we have developed our own WordPress Website Support and Maintenance Plans.

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