HELIX Managed WordPress Hosting

About HELIX Managed WordPress Hosting

HELIX Frees Your Time ... and your mind.

HELIX loves creatives, and creatives love HELIX.

When you LOVE to design in WordPress, but HATE to maintain WordPress, turn to HELIX.  You stay focused on creative stuff.  We'll handle the busy work for you, freeing your time ... and your mind.

HELIX was build for creatives by WordPress experts.  The same experts that provide real live human support at HELIX when you need it.  This is boutique hosting for boutique creatives and agencies.

Here's what HELIX does for you:

  • Migrates your sites from other hosts FREE
  • Monitors your sites 24/7 to ensure reachability
  • Automatically performs WordPress updates while you sleep
  • Automatically locks down your sites with additional security features
  • Automatically accelerates your sites with zero configuration on your end
  • Automatically backs up your sites each night with 60 days retention
  • Provides a free development environment for each site
  • Automatically encrypts your sites with free SSL certs
  • Securely installs WordPress for your new sites and projects

HELIX makes your WordPress life easier and more creative.  Give us a look today!


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HELIX Managed WordPress Hosting


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