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Security Concept

Now, the concept of securing websites is not a new trend. Julio Potier is doing this as a Web Security Consultant since 2009 now, and playing with Web Security since 2002. Talking about WordPress plugins, the market is already in place. You may already know a few plugins like WordFence, iThemeSecurity, Bullet Proof Security, Sucuri Security, etc But even with many plugins available, 39% a the surveyed people we just talked about got hacked, so, why?

We talked a lot with WordPress users in the community to figure out the cause, and we found that they were not correctly using the plugins or they were not aware of the protection in place. I remember a day someone said “To protect my site, I’ve activated the plugin X” so I said “And against what are you protected now?”, “…”. See the problem ? When you buy a car and you want more security, you can add an airbag, now, do you know against what you’re protected? I guess yes.

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