Major changes on World of WordPress

Major changes on World of WordPress

Author: Ronald Heijnes

Date: November 15, 2019 

Category: News from WoWP

Maybe you have noticed it already, maybe you haven't. We are working on some major changes on the website and some of them are already live.

The biggest change will be the conversion to Toolset. We used several plugins for the custom post types and custom fields. Along the way we noticed these plugins weren't helping us to grow. For instance, we would like to show deals and coupons related to a business listing. This wasn't possible the way we built the website. So we went over to Toolset, which makes such relations, and more, possible. They are not implemented yet, but will come soon.

Another major change will be abandoning Elementor. Although Elementor is a great page builder and we love its potential, we like to get back to basics. Elementor has way more options than we ever need!

Deals and coupons section

The deals and coupons section was the first to undergo the changes, as you can see on the deals and coupons page. A simplified layout, with search boxes to lead you directly to the category or type of the deals.The single deals haven't been altered yet. This will come as soon as we implement a new theme.

Business listings section

The business directory section was the second major change. Basically the same changes as the deals and coupons section. We will add an interactive map in the future.

Posts section

The posts section will get the same treatment as the deals and coupons and the business directory.

The future

It will take some time to implement all the changes. Especially switching the theme will be a big one! We apologise for any inconvenience you might experience during the changes. But we like to expand the possibilities and enhance the user experience. Also we aim for more returning visitors and will continue to gather more news from the world of WordPress.

What can you expect in the next few months:

  • More information
  • A forum
  • Better integration of posts, business listings and deals and coupons
  • More communication
  • Better design and functionality

WordPress is a great CMS. The numbers say enough. We of Word of WordPress not only like to gather and share lots of information about WordPress, we also like to be an example of what is possible with WordPress. Stay tuned!