Meeting Agenda for January 31, 2023


Please join us on Tuesdays at 07:00 UTC (APAC friendly) OR Tuesdays at 17:00 UTC (AMER/EMEA friendly) in the #training Slack channel for our weekly meetings!

This Week’s Agenda

This week’s meeting will be held in the EMEA/AMER timezone, at Tuesdays at 17:00 UTC.

Intro/Welcome Welcome – Daviyd Nnacheta, Mariam Sharp, Mahbub, Stefano Cassone, D.J. News Meeting Note Takers January 31 – @onlykawshar February 7 – @sadmansakibnadvi February 14 – @faguni22 February 21 –  @afrin29 Faculty Members Update January 2023 Faculty Meeting Recap of Value Setting Meeting Brainstorm – WordCamp Asia 2023 Contributor Day Bite-sized content on Learn WordPress Summary Update: Courses Currently

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Meeting Agenda for January 31, 2023