New Admin Menu Page Requirement

New Admin Menu Page Requirement


Date: August 2, 2020 

Category: Make WordPress Themes

A few weeks ago we proposed a new requirement that allows theme authors to use the add_menu_page & add_submenu_page functions. We gathered all the feedback and revised the initial requirement, the final form is as follows:

Themes can add a page under the Appearance menu using add_theme_page. If they need to have sub-pages (like for example documentation, FAQs, donation link etc), then they are allowed to use add_menu_page and add_submenu_page, provided they follow these requirements:

You can’t use add_theme_page and add_menu_page at the same time, choose one or the other. You are allowed to create only one (1) main page using add_menu_page. The recommended maximum number of sub-menu pages (add_submenu_page) is