New Release: PeepSo & Gecko

New Release: PeepSo & Gecko

Author: PeepSo

Date: February 22, 2021 

Category: Business, Hobby, Plugin development, Webdesign


Small interface improvements, some new Gecko Customizer options sprinkled with some small fixes.

Interface and Gecko improvements

The Gecko Customizer now lets you control group covers and blog excerpt lengths. Gecko also ships improved Paid Memberships Pro and WP Search styling.

The PeepSo interface was cleaned up a bit, with more compact design (less unnecessary whitespace) underneath the covers, and we fixed some minor overlap issues with Reactions and other areas.

Other fixes

PeepSo now correctly recognizes WordPress & third party avatars when the use WP avatars option is enabled. We improved the error message presented on failed

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