New Year New Beginnings

New Year New Beginnings

Author: WP Plugins A to Z

Date: January 7, 2021 

Category: Podcasts, Reviews, Security, Tips and tricks, Tutorials

Episode #493 Replacements, Hiding, Testimonials, Blacklists, Hiding, Sebastian..., and ClassicPress Options. @appbuffdev @batuhankok @InfolificTech @BannerSky #ClassicPress #WordPress #Plugins Click To Tweet

It’s Episode 493 Replacements, Hiding, Testimonials, Blacklists, Hiding, Sebastian…, and ClassicPress Options. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Get all the show notes and plugin details on the show website at Follow the show on Twitter at @wppluginsatoz for the latest WordPress plugin related news we come across in-between shows.


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