Notes on January 3, 2019 Meeting


Date: January 3, 2019 

Category: Make WordPress Training

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Welcome and Meeting Outline

Handbook Updates Revising the Style Guide Examples displayed should be relevant to Github formatting Slides style guide wasn’t functional as the slide display tool was discontinued. Suggest moving to .  @juliekuehl will update this page. Add tasks for semi-annual handbook updates to our team Trello board. 2 weeks before time changes begin, communicate about if the meeting moves times. Update a few places on the handbook displaying meeting

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Notes on January 3, 2019 Meeting 1

Notes on January 3, 2019 Meeting 2

Servebolt is next level high performance hosting.

While others try to add more components to their hosting to make it go faster, we decided to build our hosting cloud fast from the ground up. We did so by stripping out everything we knew was deadweight.

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