PCIe-NVMe – Faster than SSD

PCIe-NVMe – Faster than SSD

Author: Seravo

Date: May 14, 2020 

Category: Ecommerce, Performance, Security, Webhosting


wprssaggregator PCIe-NVMe – Faster than SSD

Most people working with computers have first-hand experience of working with solid-state drives that are dramatically faster than the traditional hard drives, as they contain no moving parts. During the recent years a new advancement has been taking hold in the field, a combination of PCIe expansion bus and NVMe device interface that really makes your SSD (which you might want to call with a moniker PCIe-SSD) sing.

A drive connected through the PCIe bus is almost as fast as having your entire database in RAM.

The bottleneck responsible for most WordPress performance issues is the database.

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PCIe-NVMe – Faster than SSD

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