Summary of Docs team meeting Apr 5, 2022

Summary of Docs team meeting Apr 5, 2022

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Date: April 6, 2022 

Category: Make WordPress Documentation

Housekeeping Attendance: @milana_cap, @femkreations, @bph, @atachibana, @mitchblue006, @mburridge, @juanmaguitar, @estelaris, @chaion07, @kafleg, @themiked Where: #docs channel on Slack. Find the complete Transcript of the meeting on Slack.Meeting Facilitator:  @milana_capNote Taker: @femkreationsAgenda: https://make.wordpress.org/docs/2022/04/05/agenda-for-docs-team-bi-weekly-meeting-5-april-2022/Next Meeting Facilitator (in two weeks): @estelarisProject updates WordPress 6.0 End User Documentation 

@bph created a list of changes coming to WordPress 6.0 that would need End-User Documentation. She is waiting for the 13.0 Gutenberg plugin release happening on Friday 4/9 and the walk-through before completing the list and setting priorities. Currently, some of the sections are not fully curated and some PRs might not be user-facing. She hopes to have

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