Summary of Docs Team Meeting March 22, 2022

Summary of Docs Team Meeting March 22, 2022

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Date: March 23, 2022 

Category: Make WordPress Documentation

Housekeeping Attendance: @TC @femkreations  @milana_cap @bph @atachibana @zodiac1978 @rmartinezduque @juanmaguitar @mburridge @themiked Where: #docs channel on Slack. Find the complete Transcript of the meeting on Slack.Meeting Facilitator:  @TCNote Taker: @femkreationsAgenda: https://make.wordpress.org/docs/2022/03/22/agenda-for-docs-team-bi-weekly-meeting-22-march-2022/Next Meeting Facilitator (in two weeks): @milana_capProject updates Block-editor end-user documentation updates for 5.9:

We are currently updating the documentation to 5.9

@femkreations: Currently adding new pages for the various blocks that are missing in the end-user documentation. Completed 7 pages and will continue working on this.@rmartinezduque: Worked on the Pinterest embed and Wolfram embed block pages.@atachibana: Updating the end-user docs with screenshots and images.

if anyone wants to join, please

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