Summary of Docs Team Meeting Sep 21, 2021


Date: September 22, 2021 

Category: Make WordPress Documentation

Housekeeping Attendance: @TC, @femkreations, @milana_cap, @basilh, @tacitonic, @muhammadfaizanhaidar, @ashiquzzamanWhere: #docs channel on SlackFind the complete Transcript of the meeting on Slack.Meeting Facilitator:  @TCNote Taker: @femkreationsNext Meeting Facilitator: @muhammadfaizanhaidarProject updates

@tacitonic:  The WordPress Documentation Style Guide has been completed. This includes all the remaining articles, the word list, and the usage dictionary.

15 min repo triage: Issue 1(labeled needs-discussion): Some end-user docs are too technical

@milana_cap: Agrees we shouldn’t have technical details in the end-user docs. But raises the question – where, in DevHub, should that info live?

End-user docs are for people who don’t code and most likely don’t