The best WordPress plugins of 2020

The best WordPress plugins of 2020

Author: GoDaddy Garage

Date: February 28, 2020 

Category: Business, Tips and tricks


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Hmm … how to choose the best WordPress plugins? Security, SEO, site performance, functionality and usability are key concerns of every website owner, designer and developer. Fortunately, WordPress plugins are here to simplify your work, improve performance in each of these areas, and more.

The WordPress plugin repository serves as the official directory currently listing more than 54,800 free and open-source plugins that have been checked, inspected, and are available for downloading. Many also include paid upgrades or add-ons.

While plugins can be found elsewhere, repository inclusion recognizes the source as a credible developer, whose hand-crafted creation has been reviewed

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toolset logo tag line white The best WordPress plugins of 2020

The best WordPress plugins of 2020

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