Themes Team Meeting Agenda for November 24

Themes Team Meeting Agenda for November 24


Date: November 23, 2020 

Category: Make WordPress Themes

The themes team conducts a meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Along with the fixed agendas, we have an open floor at the end where you can ask or share anything related to themes.

We encourage all members and anyone interested to attend.

Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday, November 24th 2020, 15:00 UTC

Meeting Agenda

Weekly UpdatesTheme previews in the time of blocksMeeting holiday breakOpen floorWeekly Updates

Current statistics can be found on: 

Themes Trac ticket graph:

Theme previews in the time of blocks

A reminder to read and reply to the post about starter content and previews.

Theme previews in

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