Tips for WordPress Plugin and Theme Development

Tips for WordPress Plugin and Theme Development

Author: Riya

Date: July 1, 2020 

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WordPress takes up to around 60% of the total share of content management systems worldwide. Over 19 million websites on the world wide web use WordPress. This makes it the most popular CMS out there.

It has turned into one of the most used blogging and publishing platforms today. From personal and lifestyle blogs to corporate and financial solutions, WordPress has spread its wings of reach.

And with the vast number of sites powered by WordPress, the demand for WordPress plugin and theme development has increased to a great extent.

There is a moment when you have to develop a WordPress plugin and theme, but then we are humans, and there is another moment when we just don’t feel like working. The job is your need, and you love it, but still, the work is nowhere near either initiation or completion.

No wonder this can blow up anyone’s mind!

The only need that arises here is to develop the motivation to work and finish the task on time so that you get paid well, on time!

There is a need to find ways to work faster in a productive manner.

If you still don’t get its grip, you can hire dedicated WordPress developers to work on your project or task.

However, to cater to the need and establish the necessary knowledge, here are some incredible tips that you need to know for WordPress Theme and Plugin Development that would make your work a lot easier. 

Focus Should be the Focus

Confusing, right?

The first tip is to stay focused. You should focus on the fact that your focus doesn’t divert from your goal.

The distraction solves no purpose and yields no results. All it would do to you is sitting on the couch, scrolling through social media, or taking a nap.

It may be tough to deal with, but once done, it leaves a feeling of dedication and pride. There are many ways to tackle it.

Observe what makes your interest level jump or what time keeps you most energetic and excited to complete the task.

If it is the day, work during the day, and if it’s the night, plan to work during the night. Schedule your routine accordingly.

Planning Is Essential

Think of a situation where you sat down to write but then realized that you forgot your pen!

Frustrating, isn’t it?

The same is the case with WordPress when you plan to work on it but forgot the tools you need.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for planning before sitting for the work. It requires proper planning than just casual planning to make things work out.

  • Bookmark the pages used frequently

  • Make sure to save the pieces of your code

  • Prepare a list of themes you like and trust

The Right Text Editor Makes Work Easier

When you hire WordPress programmers for your project’s development, you would realize that It is mandatory to use a text editor you are proficient at because you will spend your time with the code editor.

You too should have a basic idea of how to deal with it when your developer is not around.

It is up to you if you choose a simple text editor or a dynamic editor, depending upon what you are working at.

Most developers go with the fact that a text editor with syntax highlighting amazed them and is preferred by them. Some text editors that are easy to work with include Sublime Editor or Coda.

Testing Is Everything

When we say testing is everything, we mean it. Don’t miss out on the testing part at any cost. It is the same in the case of WordPress themes and plugins.

But testing can’t be done just like that; there is a need to establish the staging environment.

Doing a manual set up of a staging environment would not be convenient. It is advised to use a tool instead.

WordPress offers you options for hosting that include staging sites. There is just the need to access your hosting account and press click.

In case, if your hosting doesn’t have the same, you can use the WP Staging plugin. It provides easy and simple solutions without any need for particular server conditions. It ensures testing within a few seconds only.

Never Too Late To Start

There could be times when you will test a new plugin or theme while developing them, something goes wrong, and they don’t turn out to be as expected.

In such situations, you need a new WP environment for another testing round. The WordPress plugin WP Reset works well here. It restores WordPress, offering you a clean, excellent website to test again in a single click.

Thus, you can always start from the beginning with this plugin. You can hire a WordPress coder to seek help about the same.

Less Plugins Means Better Performance

Your developers are very well familiar with this tip.

The more plugins you use, the more your website would become heavy, which affects the loading time.

Your developer can easily handle this for you but in case, if he/she is not around, you need to make a note to not use plugins when they are not required.

Even if you have to use multiple WordPress plugins and themes, make sure that you have Plugin Organizer to control them.

It allows you to discover what plugins started on which page.

Additional Tip: Productivity while developing WordPress themes and plugins comes at its best when you enjoy it.

Take short breaks, listen to music, and a few more things to keep the work fun.

Parting Thoughts

Work may not be interesting enough to grab your attention initially, but you can always do something to improve your level of interest and dedication.

Above mentioned are a few tips that promise to take you a long way whenever you wish to sit for the development of your WordPress themes and plugins.

However, there is always an alternative that asks to hire dedicated WordPress developers to carry your task ahead.

But knowledge is always good too. Keep these tips in mind and get on board with the work!


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Tips for WordPress Plugin and Theme Development

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