Using the FluentSMTP Plugin for Reliable Site Emails

Using the FluentSMTP Plugin for Reliable Site Emails

Author: MainWP

Date: January 21, 2021 

Category: Maintenance, Plugin development

Having reliable site emails is something that can be a major pain to deal with. Luckily there is a new plugin from the makers of FluentCRM and FluentForms. The new plugin is called FluentSMTP and using the plugin will fix the issue of having reliable site emails.

After installing and activating the FluentSMTP plugin it will add a new sub-menu item;

Settings > FluentSMTP

FluentSMTP includes integrations with a wide range of transactional email providers such as SendGrid, Sendinblue, SparkPost, Mailgun, Amazon SES, or Pepipost. The FluentSMTP plugin includes a wide range of features such as email routing

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