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Date: May 14, 2020 

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They say, “To err is human”. I believe this is very true. How else would we learn and try and be better versions of ourselves? These mistakes occur in our personal as well as professional lives. They are almost everywhere. Even on the internet. One of the very few places that are expected to be perfect, due to how frequently it is used in our lives. But at the end of the day, what matters is that we realize our mistake, and work towards making amends.

Now on the internet, there are hundreds of mistakes that occur. The technical term for these mistakes is- ‘Web Error’. Each error that occurs, has a code that helps in identifying the exact problem, which is called ‘HTTP STATUS CODE’.

It is important to remember that these errors may occur not just on the user’s side but also on behalf of the company that runs the website or simply just on the website’s behalf, in case it is independent in nature and is run by a specific individual or a group of individuals that run the website. For example- error 404, error 500, error 402, error 502.

This article focuses on Error 502 and seeks to answer certain questions pertaining to the same including-

  • What is error 502?
  • How is it caused?
  • How can error 502 be fixed?
  • Conclusion


Error 502 also known as 502 Bad Gateway is an HTTP status code that means that the requested web address is invalid. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an issue with the user’s connection. There is also a possibility of having an issue on the website’s behalf.

Error 502 is not affected by the type of browser or even the operating system in use. It is simply an error that occurs on the internet. When error 502 occurs, it may appear in many names such as-

  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • Error 502
  • Temporary Error (502)
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request
  • HTTP 502
  • 502. That's an error
  • Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server
  • HTTP Error 502 - Bad Gateway


Now that we know what Error 502 exactly is, the next step is to understand how it is really caused. This error mostly arises due to the following reasons-

  • Failed server- In case the web address crashes or the server is unable to complete a task, the error arises. For example, when a particular website is blocked in the region where the user is located.
  • Overloaded Webserver- When there is an excess of traffic on a particular website this error is caused, because the server reaches its limit and cannot take any further requests, consequently leading to Error 502 also known as 502 Bad Gateway.
  • Failed PHP( Hypertext Pre-processor, previously known as Personal Home Page) Programming-PHP is a server-side scripting language for web development. According to this in certain cases, an error may occur as there is an issue in the coding of the website resulting in error 502.
  • Error in communication- Sometimes, a faulty firewall, which is basically a network security system the manages the network traffic based on the security rule, may also lead to disruption of the communication process between the server and the user, leading to failure in forwarding the request.
  • Error in the browser- trouble in the browser extension of a website is also considered to be a common cause of 502 Bad Gateway.


In case there the error arises on the user’s side, here is how it can be effectively solved-

  1. Refresh the webpage- Error 502 or 502 bad gateway is a minor network issue. It can be effectively solved by either clicking on the refresh button or by pressing F5 on the keyboard.
  2. New window- Restarting the web browser by simply closing the existing one and opening a fresh window is also an efficient way of fixing error 502.
  3. Clear browser history- In some cases, error 502 is also caused due to out-dated or corrupted files. In those cases, clearing browser history and removing these unnecessary files, may help in fixing the error.
  4. Remove browser cookies- Another way of fixing the error is to remove all data pertaining to the redundant file on the browser, instead of clearing the entire browser.
  5. Using a browser without any additional settings or add-ons- Another effective way to fix error 502 is to use the browser with the default setting without any additional settings or add-ons. If it does happen to get fixed this way, it must be noted the some of the additional settings or add-ons are the root cause of the error on the user’s web browser.
  6. Shift to a different browser-  If the user is working on a specific web browser, and an error 502 appears, then shifting to a different browser is also an effective way of rectifying the error. For example, the user may shift from internet explorer to chrome, or even from chrome to safari on a mac.
  7. Restart the computer in use- In case error 502 arises on the computer in use repeatedly, the best way to try and fix this is by restarting the system.
  8. Restart network equipment- Many times the error may also arise due to a faulty internet connection. In those times, the best way out is to restart the source of the internet, be it a router, modem, whatever it really is.
  9. Contact website- After having tried all or any of the above-mentioned remedies if the error still does not seem to be fixed, it is best to contact the concerned authorities as it is highly likely that the issue is on the website’s behalf.
  10. Contact the internet service provider- Another way to fix this error is by contacting the internet service provider as there could be a possibility of trouble in the internet connection
  11. Another very effective approach towards error 502 or as 502 Bad Gateway is to just try again later.


Now we know that nothing is permanent. Just as a simple error 502 can be easily fixed by being patient and simply just working on fixing the issue. If we as individuals can put our heart and soul in trying to fix something as menial as this, they why can’t we spend the same we show the same amount of defecation towards working on other important things that actually matter.

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